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GetKeysResult Class

Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  SKM.V3.Models
Assembly:  SKM (in SKM.dll) Version: (
public class GetKeysResult : BasicResult

The GetKeysResult type exposes the following members.

Public methodGetKeysResult
Initializes a new instance of the GetKeysResult class
Public propertyLicenseKeys
A list of LicenseKey objects.
Public propertyMessage
The message that provides additional information about the result. If it's a successful result, null will be returned. Otherwise, in case of an error, a short message will be returned describing the error.
(Inherited from BasicResult.)
Public propertyResult
Tells whether the result is successful or unsuccessful.
(Inherited from BasicResult.)
Public propertyReturned
The number of licenses returned in the request, eg. size of the returned list.
Public propertyTotal
The total number of keys available that satisfy the condition. For example, if search query is empty, the total is the number of license keys in the entire product. Otherwise, it's the number of results of that query. By default, only 99 license keys will be returned in a single request. There may still be more license keys, which are obtained by increasing the Page parameter.
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