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SKM.V3.Models Namespace

All the classes that are either used as a paramter for an API method or represent the data that is being sent back.

Public classActivateModel
Public classAddCustomerModel
Public classAddCustomerResult
Public classAddDataObjectModel
Used to add a new Data Object.
Public classAddDataObjectToKeyModel
Public classAuthDetails
Stores information that is required to identify yourself to SKM. This includes the Token and Version.
Public classBasicResult
A simple result that tells if a request is successful, and optionally provides a message.
Public classChangeIntValueModel
Used to identify a data object.
Public classChangeIntValueToKeyModel
Used to identify a data object.
Public classChangeNotesModel
Public classChangeStringValueModel
Used to identify a data object.
Public classChangeStringValueToKeyModel
Used to identify a data object.
Public classCreateKeyModel
Public classCreateKeyResult
Public classDataObjectIdResult
Used to return the object Id of a Data Object.
Public classDeactivateModel
Public classExtendLicenseModel
Stores the parameters that are required by the Extend License method.
Public classFeatureModel
Stores the parameters required by AddFeature and RemoveFeature methods.
Public classGetCustomerLicensesModel
Public classGetCustomerLicensesResult
Public classGetKeysModel
Public classGetKeysResult
Public classKeyInfoModel
Public classKeyInfoResult
Public classKeyLockModel
Input parameters to KeyLock method.
Public classKeyLockResult
Public classListDataObjectsModel
Used to list Data Objects.
Public classListDataObjectsToKeyModel
Public classListOfDataObjectsResult
Used to return the list of DataObject
Public classMachineLockLimit
Public classRemoveCustomerModel
Public classRemoveDataObjectModel
Used to remove a data object.
Public classRemoveDataObjectToKeyModel
Used to remove a data object.
Public enumerationResultType
Indicates whether a result was successful or unsuccessful.