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SKM.V3 Namespace

This namespace should always be included since it contains the base classes and methods for Web API V3.

Public classActivationData
This is the structure of each entry that will be returned by GetActivatedMachines.
Public classCustomer
Information about a customer. Each license key may be assigned a customer.
Public classDataObject
A Data Object used to store information.
Public classDataObjectWithReferencer
This class adds some more fields that tell us which referencer this data object belongs to.
Public classCode exampleExtensionMethods
The extension methods are not thought to be used through this class, but instead through the relevant objects that they affect. Please see the examples below.
Public classLicenseKey
This class describes a License Key object. You can use it to verify a license, store it in a file, or use some of its methods to update it.
Public enumerationDataObjectType
Type of referencer (association), eg. a Data object that belongs to a product, or a key or user