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SKGL Namespace

Public classExtensionMethods
Some extension methods that allow you to use SKGL Extension as a Fluent API.
Public classKeyInformation
A class that stores information about a key. Note, if the Valid=false, no more information (creation date, etc) will be stored in the Key Information object.
Public classProductVariables
A class that stores product variables that are need to perform key validation/activation/generation through the API.
Public classSKM
This class contains additional methods to ease serial key validation with Serial Key Manager. Most of the methods will Web API 2, where "uid", "pid" and "hsum" are required in each request. These can be found here (please make sure you are logged in). In addition to this, you need to explicitly set each product to be IsPublic and, for some methods, enable the functionality on your Security page ( RSA public keys and your private key can also be found on the Security page.
For Web API 3, you only need one token. You can find information on how it is generated here: