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KeyBlockKey Method

This method will block a specific license key to ensure that the key cannot be accessible by most of the methods in the Web API (activation, validation, optional field, and deactivation).Note, blocking the key will still allow you to access the key in Web API 3, unless otherwise stated for a given Web API 3 method. To do the reverse, please see UnblockKey(String, KeyLockModel).

Namespace:  SKM.V3.Methods
Assembly:  SKM (in SKM.dll) Version: (
public static KeyInfoResult BlockKey(
	string token,
	KeyLockModel parameters


Type: SystemString
The access token ( with Block key permission.
Type: SKM.V3.ModelsKeyLockModel
The parameters that the method needs.

Return Value

Type: KeyInfoResult
A BasicResult object or null.
This method may, in rare cases, return null if an error has occurred. Null should be seen as an unsuccessful result.
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